Emergency Communication At
The Speed Of Thought

Red Alert Transforms Any Smart Device To The
Fastest, Most Unique Personal Emergency Response System Ever Devised

As We Know From Law Enforcement Statistics

The problem of sexual assault on college and hospital campuses is staggering. Additionally, the prospect of active shooters makes many campuses high risk environments.

By Applying Innovation, Technology and Common Sense

We Have Created A Game Changer, Forever Altering Personal Safety



Correct Help

Ease Of Use

SPEED - The Call For Help Will Be In Time

In an emergency, speed is everything. Any delay can be the difference between a tragedy averted or a life ruined. Between a life saved or looking for a body.

With the Red Alert System, emergency connections are measured in nanoseconds.

Absolutely nothing is faster.

Maniac kidnapper smothers his doomed hostage

Reliability - The Signal Will Get Through

An integral “built in” feature of the Red Alert architecture is the EDIS Mobile Mesh Network. It ensures that all communications related to the reporting of an event will get through to those who can and will react in near real time to the “cry for help” generated by the system. Reliable reporting of signals demanding action immediately is a key difference between Red Alert and all other systems in use today.

The Right People Will Be Contacted And They Will Know What To Do

When activated, connects immediately to campus police, with essential information.

About You

They will know who you are, with your name and a recent picture

Your Location

They will know your location at that moment in time

Open Communication

They will be in open communication, by audio and in some cases video

Easy To Use!

The Red Alert System requires the press of the ComBadge button located on the back of your phone.  Everything is automatic. No fumbling to find an app, being put on hold, or running to a call station, or trying to explain to someone what’s happening and where you are located.

Emergency Communication At The Speed Of Thought