Our Mission:

"Solving Complex Real Life Problems In Real Time"

Programmers questioning source of cyber attacks and system security coverage

Understanding that true innovation is best accomplished with input from individuals across a broad range of disciplines, EDIS has employed a Team approach to developing future products and systems.

While the basic configuration of the EDIS Platform is in use across several applications worldwide, the management of EDIS continues to encourage Team Members to explore enhancement to current systems and products.

To foster this innovation Team Members are provided with quarterly gatherings to explore ideas that are creative and unusual and that are not limited or controlled by rules or tradition and to present their ideas regardless of application or potential use.

During these gatherings all TEAM members are encouraged to bring other potential concepts, products, systems and ideas for consideration of future EDIS development and potential implementation.  Or, in some applications, offered as OEM equipment to be marketed by other entities under license and supply from EDIS.

TEAM members participate in revenues created through such activities and the licensing of new intellectual properties or equipment throughout the lives of such innovations.

All team members bring their considerable savvy and industry resources to provide a wealth of collateral for the company going forward.  

In the words of ‘Chet’ Przygoda, head of R&D and Systems Development

“We measure true success by providing solutions that allow for open architecture integration that can and will include future technology without having to reinvent the wheel. Future development and features of the EDIS Platform will continually allow for the seamless addition of tools for and through this system.”

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Intellectual Property

The license for EDIS IP covers the use of software specifically designed and developed for EDIS use and control of distribution through sublicensing provisions.