The EDIS RT Mobile
Mesh Network

Integral to the ResQLink architecture is the EDIS Mobile Mesh Network. It ensures that all communications related to the reporting of an event will get through, in near real time, to those who can respond. Reliable reporting of signals demanding action, immediately, is a key difference between ResQLink and all other systems in use today.

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When an individual User installs the unique ResQLink triggering security hardware and software on their smart device(s) they automatically are authorized and included in the campus site system. The unique software and hardware tools provide the User with the entire suite of Mesh Network features.


Current and future features of the Mesh Network are made possible because of its architecture. Complete control of all transactions through the proprietary construction and integration design is unique in the industry. All phases of the software, hardware, and distribution of signal processing including an exclusive non-third party cloud are the property of  and/or its licensing related support entities located in Florida.

The implications for assisting First Responders and preventing a tragedy cannot be overstated.

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