The EDIS Platform

The EDIS platform is specifically designed to provide almost unlimited functional capabilities which can easily be configured to perform as required within a variety of applications. The Red Alert System is one example of such a configuration.

How The EDIS Platform Works

Operates In Near Real Time

Injured Soldier In Hospital

Hospital Applications

Another example can be found with applications for Medical Facilities like hospitals. Such environments require systems to provide multi-tasking functionality ranging from reporting on critical processes while at the same time delivering security management tools protecting personnel and patients. All event transactional notifications provided in real time for use by authorized at site and third party personnel for immediate actions.

Military Applications

The same basic system can also be configured to provide military and government installations in the US and abroad similar real time notifications and processes to enhance the safety and efficiency of our service members.
Military soldier using digital tablet
The simple fact of the matter is the system is so dynamic in its structure as to be able to be configured for just about any similar paradigm as required without having to “reinvent” the wheel to meet every potential application or opportunity.